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Turbo Plane Blade - IND.FG.400

Arbortech Turbo Plane Blade



st0132-Turbo Plane Blade - IND.FG.400

The Arbortech TURBOPlane blade™ is a universal wood carving blade that can be used in a number of ways to create different profiles and finishes.

The Turboplane blade will fit 4" and 4-1/2" grinders with 5/8" or 7/8" spindles...in metric that's approximately 16mm and 22mm. The smaller spindle size uses the supplied 'nylon reducing washer'.

The Arbortech Turboplane blade is normally used flat, to create large flat surfaces and edging to trays etc. (you'd use the Industrial Pro Woodcarver Kit for curved cuts), however the turbo plane blade can be used at an angle to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping and wood workmanship.

Recently, several log home owners and restoration specialists have been using the TurboPlane blade to remove the old finish, gray weathered wood, and outer punky layer of the logs. Take a look under the Photos tab for a project in progress. An average sized home can often be done with one blade.

  • Rapid freehand wood sculpting,
  • planing and trimming
  • Leaves a smooth finish requiring
    minimal sanding
  • Excellent control and balance
  • Shaves wood away for fast
  • shaping and carving
  • Outstanding for free-formed
    convex & concave shapes
  • Can be resharpened with a diamond lap stone
  • Tungsten Carbide teeth for long blade life
  • Precision machined from solid steel

The physical depth of the tooth to the surface of the blade is approximately 2mm.

The more downward pressure you put on the grinder the more wood removal, and by good control and skill you could just skim the wood.

NOTE: Sharpen  the Turbo Plane blade with a fine diamond lap file. Hold flat across the face and work back and forth until the edges of the blade are share again.

NOTE: Manufacturer has recently increased the thickness of the body to reduce any possible flex. They were good before, they're better now.


Before Turbo planing
Before Turbo planing
After Turbo planing
After Turbo planing

Arbortech Turboplane blade video

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