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EZ Adjustable Tenon Cutter

EZ Adjustable Tenon Cutter

Price varies with model





st0101-EZ-Tenon Cutter

Handy all-in-one tenon makers showing

  • 45 degree on left
  • 90 degree on right

Note: that the base is the same, it's the arms that are different.

These  tenon cutters can make tenons from 1” to 2-1/2” (mfg. states 7/8" up to 2-3/4"). Use with any 1/2 inch chuck drill...even a battery pack, cordless drill. (The bigger the drill the easier it will work).

  • Use on logs up to 4-1/2" diameter...larger will need to be resized with drawknife, table bandsaw or some such to get under the 4-1/2" max.

Two styles available

  • 45 degree EZ makes a tenon up to 3" long with 45 degree shoulders (2" of tenon plus 1" of shoulder when using the optional countersink bit)...2" overall without the countersink.
  • 90 degree EZ makes a tenon up to 2" long with 90 degree shoulders. Great for table legs.
  • The EZ tenon cutter blades are double edged...the 45 degree comes with 2 blades, however it only needs on at a time
  • EZ tenon cutter blades are non-sharpenable, however they last a long time.
  • Replacement blades available...however the 45 and the 90 take different blades. (the 45 degree uses one blade and the 90 degree uses 2 blades at a time).
  • There is a 45 degree countersink available which helps to 'bury' the shoulders into the mortise (hole) for a different look.

This is a great starter tenon cutter and you may find it's all you really need. It's not as fast as the 60 degree bell shaped (look like a big pencil sharpener), however it's plenty good until you get a backlog of orders.

Looking for one of the great EZ Tenon Maker Kits? Try

  • EZ Standard kit with 45 degree cutter, countersink, 3/8" bit, 2 allen wrenches and plastic case
  • EZ Deluxe kit with both 45 and 90 degree cutters for use with one base unit, countersink, wood clamp, 3/8 bit, 2 allen wrenchs and plastic carrying case

NOTE: You need to drill a 3/8” hole for the centering guide rod...this hole can be plugged with a 3/8" hardwood dowel for extra strength if desired. (and will be hidden in the mortise (hole) when furniture is assembled.


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