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Lewis Winch

Lewis Winch

Price varies with options





The Lewis Winch is made of a rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing making it extremely strong and lightweight. The Lewis Winch uses oil-bathed steel gears, which ensure years of trouble-free service in the most hostile environments.

  • The Lewis Winch is available with your choice of:
  1. 150' of 3/16" aircraft cable (4200lbs.)
  2. 250' of 1/8" aircraft cable (2000lbs.)
  3. without cable
  • Several adapters come with the unit to fit most modern chainsaws...
  • Comes with both direct drive (above),  and short bar/chain hookup options
  • 60' - 80' per minute line speed
  • Weighs 35lbs with cable

The Lewis Winch is a traditional Cable drum style chain saw powered winch. Attaches to most gas and electric models. 
Use for log building, skidding logs, freeing stuck equipment. 

  • Greater capacity than Simpson rope winch. Up to 4000lbs straight line with larger saws.
  • Very popular in remote locations.
  • This is a extremely rugged, well made unit. 1 year manufacturers warranty on material and workmanship.

Receiver Hitch Mount
The Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch (Receiver hitch), mount has a unique quick-connect system. Simply set your Lewis Winch on top of the Trailer-Hitch Mount and slide it forward until the anchor shackle on the bottom of the portable winch fits over the lock-pin. Slide the winch back and lift to remove it, quick and easy and with no tools needed to do that.

Because the Lewis Winch Trailer-Hitch Mount allows your portable winch to swivel, it makes it easy to wind the cable back on the spool evenly. Once your Lewis Winch is locked on to the Trailer-Hitch Mount and you are starting to pull your load, simply turn the Lewis Winch back and forth and the cable will always wind up evenly on the spool.

N1012 Trailer Hitch Mount required (2" receiver type hitch).
Ground Anchor
This light, but tough anchor weighs only 18 lbs and is made of fabricated steel so it will give you many years of trouble free service. It is designed to work with the Lewis Winch Trailer Hitch Mount, which many Lewis Winch owners already have. The back of the Ground Anchor is designed with a handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere with you. That’s where the Lewis Winch Trailer Hitch Mount slides in and the part that remains behind the Ground Anchor sticks out to become a foot hold so you can add your weight to help guide the anchor into the ground. Then simply select one of the many holes provided for different soil conditions, slip in the lock pin and your ready to mount your Lewis Winch and start the pull...no tools needed
Shown above is ground anchor and receiver hitch combo


  • If you are pulling 3,000 to 3,500 lbs. in a straight line (or up to 6000 lbs) with one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you should use a general-duty chainsaw with an engine size of 5-6 horsepower (bhp).
  • if you need to pull up to 4,000 lbs in a straight line or 8,000 lbs with one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, make sure to use a heavy duty chainsaw with an engine size of up to 7 horsepower (bhp).
  • Please note that the operator accepts all risks when using an engine with more than 100 cc’s or 7 bhp, as you could damage your Lewis Winch or break the cable and potentially cause injury.
  • Chainsaws must be properly maintained and serviced to ensure that the throttle and clutch are in proper working condition since this directly affects the safe performance of your Lewis Winch.
  • Electric chainsaws and smaller gas chainsaws will give satisfactory performance only with lighter loads. The Universal Adaptor Kit included in the shipment does not come with an adaptor for electric chainsaws, but note that such adaptor may be available from the manufacturer.
  • You will want to choose the right chainsaw for your new Lewis Winch, because the size of your chainsaw is important and should be considered whenever you work with our portable winch.
  • If you are pulling in a straight line 2,000 to 2,500 lbs.(or up to 5000 lbs.) using one Lewis Winch Snatch Block, you can use a light-duty chainsaw with an engine size of 3 horsepower (bhp)  (48 cc’s, 18”+ bar with 3/8” chain).
  • This is important because such a chainsaw comes with a commercial-grade clutch that although it might sometimes slip under a heavy load, it guarantees that the clutch will not burn up.

Chainsaw shown for clarity...it is not included in the price.

Anecdote: Scotty used one of these in Alaska many years ago to assist a woman who was building her log house by herself in the bush. He'll admit that she only needed an assist as the snows were coming and she was slowed down a bit as she was building with a caste from ankle to hip on her right leg. His eyes still glaze over when he thinks back on trying to keep up with her.


Lewis Winch
Lewis Winch
Lewis Winch
Lewis Winch

Lewis Winch assembly

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