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Timbor borate powder


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Tim-bor is 98% disodium octaborate tetrahydrate...a powdered concentrate of water-soluble inorganic borate salt that you mix with water to a dilution of 10-15% (that's about a quart to 1-1/2 quarts of powder to a gallon of water.

As a liquid solution, it's applied to topically applied to bare wood (or injected), to kill and prevent wood destroying insects and fungas.

NOTE: Not available to homeowners in New York or Connecticut....sorry

  • EPA registered preservative.
  • Protects against rot, insects and decay fungi.
  • Can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping, kerf-flooding, or hole flooding. Mix 1 loosely packed quart, (1 lb.), of powder to 1 gallon of water.
  • Apply at rate of 1 liquid gallon per 200 sf of surface area.
  • Remember apply a second coat 4-24 hours later.
  • Saturate all up-facing checks and cut ends of wood.
    • Active ingredient is a borate: Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate
    • Prevents and controls drywood termites, wood decay fungi, carpenter ants, old house borers and powderpost beetles
    • Won’t discolor or stain wood surfaces
    • Won’t corrode screws, nails and other components used in construction
    • Use to treat wood in conjunction with other termite treatments, such as a termite bait application or a soil treatment (not labeled as a primary new construction termite treatment)
    • Use as a replacement for fumigation or as an add-on to fumigation to provide residual protection
    • Works best when wood has higher moisture content.
    • Highly effective & economical
    • Virtually odorless
    • For interior and exterior use
    • Manufactured with a concern for the environment

Estimated yields

  • Based on two coats.
  • One lb. yields 1 gallon of 10% solution.
  • One lb.is enough to cover 100 square feet of surface area with two coats of product (for a total of 200 sf).

Coverage: (with 2 coats)

1-1/2lb. bag =   150 sq. ft.
25lb. bucket = 2500 sq. ft.


MSDS (pdf)

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